Investments for Innovations

PFR Ventures is an entity managing the fund of funds, providing financing via VC funds and groups of business angels for innovative SMEs at a different stage of development.

About PFR Ventures

Implementing the strategy of PFR, PFR Ventures operates in the fund of funds formula, offering financing for innovative SMEs via selected financial intermediaries, e.g. venture capital or business angels.

Funds dedicated to innovative projects come from European funds, i.e. the “Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020” and private funds from selected financial agents.

Investments in the fund of funds formula based on the knowledge and experience of top managing entities will create an efficient financing model and provides a market-based approach consistent with best business practices.

PFR Ventures is:

  • Early stage financing for SMEs
  • Financing innovative projects
  • Financing via financial agents
  • Investment flexibility
  • Market approach
  • Open approach to partners
  • Largest fund of funds in the Central and Eastern Europe
  • Cooperation with VC Funds and Business Angles Networks

PFR Ventures is:


Largest fund of funds in the Central and Eastern Europe


Financing innovative projects


Financing via financial agents


Market approach


Investment flexibility


Early stage financing for SMEs


Cooperation with VC Funds and Business Angles Networks


Open approach to partners

Venture Capital Funds

PFR Ventures has signed investment agreements with the following entities:

PFR Starter FIZ

EEC Magenta Starter

Ventures For Earth

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder


Xevin VC

PFR Biznest FIZ

Next Road Ventures



Black Swan

Kogito Ventures


PFR Otwarte Innowacje FIZ

APER Ventures

Montis Capital


The first investment agreements will be signed soon.


SpeedUp Energy Innovation

EEC Magenta CVC

Realized investments

PFR Ventures established as a result of transformation of ARP Venture (formerly part of ARP S.A.) has invested in the following projects:

GRC Technologie Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer of structural concrete and constructions chemicals produced in use innovative technologies.


Invento Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer of innovative food packaging - PET cans.

see www

Hertz Systems Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer of innovative military systems, ICT for NATO and SPACE and security systems.

see www

Copernicus Sp. z o.o.

An innovative company specializing in the design and manufacture of Pens Injectors, insulin pens - for liquid pharmaceuticals.

see www

LS Tech Homes S.A.

Manufacturer of composite panels manufactured in SIP technology, which are used for the construction single family and multi-family houses as well as industrial facilities.

see www

SKB Drive Tech S.A.

Company offers comprehensive solutions in scope of drive transmission systems, iron castings and metal machining.

see www

ABM Space Sp. z o.o.

Modern technology space sector, including: mobile robotics and orbital measurement systems to study and test the dynamics of mechanical systems, remote control systems.

see www

Plurimum Sp. z o.o.

Innovative solutions based on science, in terms of protection of seals, which are used in power generation, logistics, fuel production, and infrastructure plumbing.

see www

Saule Technologies Sp. z o.o.

Innovative commercial use perovskites in the production of photovoltaic cells.

see www

Fly Tech UAV sp. z o.o.

Innovative solutions for the production and implementation of innovative flying unmanned systems - drones.

see www



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