Investments for Innovations

PFR Ventures is an entity managing the fund of funds, providing financing via VC funds and groups of business angels for innovative SMEs at a different stage of development.

About PFR Ventures

Implementing the strategy of PFR, PFR Ventures operates in the fund of funds formula, offering financing for innovative SMEs via selected financial intermediaries, e.g. venture capital or business angels.

Funds dedicated to innovative projects come from European funds, i.e. the “Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020” and private funds from selected financial agents.

Investments in the fund of funds formula based on the knowledge and experience of top managing entities will create an efficient financing model and provides a market-based approach consistent with best business practices.

  • Early stage financing for SMEs
  • Financing innovative projects
  • Financing via financial agents
  • Investment flexibility
  • Market approach
  • Open approach to partners
  • Largest fund of funds in the Central and Eastern Europe
  • Cooperation with VC Funds and Business Angles Networks

Funds of funds

VC Funds

We have already launched 23 funds VC, that will invest up to several hundred innovative projects by 2023. Each team has a different strategy and an investment ticket.

So far, our funds have made 262 investments. The funds went to companies from various industries and located at different stages of development.

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