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Find answers to frequently asked questions about PFR Ventures.

How does PFR Ventures work?

PFR Ventures is a fund of funds managing capital (including Europe Union funds) to develop local VC&PE market and secure financing for innovative start-ups.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is a type of investment in which the fund that invests the money takes up shares in the company. VCs back entrepreneurs with their expertise to grow their portfolio companies (smart money).

Can I get financing from PFR Ventures?

PFR Ventures does not offer direct financing. Funds under our management are addressed to Venture Capital funds. Management of those funds make investment decisions independently of investors.

Where can I find information about PFR Venture funds?

All the information about the funds managed by PFR Ventures are available under the "Portfolio" section.

To get additional information, go to www.startup.pfr.pl where you can find the comple offer of the PFR Group addresed to innovative companies looking for financing.

Warunki RODO

Warunki RODO