PFR Starter FIZ - update No. 2 of the recruitment schedule - extension of the deadline for submission of tenders


PFR Ventures informs about the extension of the deadline of termination of the Call for Tenders under the PFR Starter FIZ until Monday, January 15, 2018, until 4:00 PM.

The Call for Tenders No. 3 under the PFR Starter FIZ fund will end on Monday, 15 January 2018, at 16:00.

The change in the recruitment schedule results from changes made to the templates of selected Appendixes to the Recruitment dossier. The changes mainly concern:

1. parts of the formulas verifying the values indicated by the Tenderer in Appendix No. 1: Tender Identification Form;
2. change of the beginning of the Investment Period as part of Appendix A to Appendix No. 3: Financial Schedule.

Amendments to the recruitment documents No. 3: Rules for the Submission and Selection of Tenders Call for Tenders No. 3 and Notice of the Call No. 3 for Financial Intermediaries PFR Starter FIZ only concern the change of the date of completion of the Call.

Please be advised that due to the changes to the Appendixes indicated above, Tenderers are obliged to submit the Tender on updated attachments. The remaining templates of appendixes to Tenders do not change.