PFR Biznest: Call no. 5 is coming soon

The initial four Calls in PFR Biznest were accompanied by the creation of 6 co-investment funds. The fifth one will be initiated on 1 January, the purpose of which is to select the last funds that will be provided with means to be used in co-investments with Business Angels.

"We're looking for at least 1 or 2 teams with which we'll create VC funds. We're mainly looking for teams which have already developed a solid networking among Business Angels and already made investments with them", says Marcin Nowak, PFR Biznest Manager.

The incoming Call will last from 1 January to 28 February 2019. The funds may submit their tenders on the PFR Biznest website which offers the entire documentation
and description of the programme.

PFR Biznest has allocated so far PLN 169 mn for 6 co-investment funds. The selected funds are as follows:

Call no. 1: Silba VC, Black Swan, CofounderZone
Call no. 2: Kogito Ventures
Call no. 3: Next Road Ventures, Pomerangels
Call no. 4: ongoing negotiations