PFR Starter FIZ: A new fund with Biomed Innovations in life science

PFR Ventures, within the framework of the fund of funds PFR Starter FIZ, concluded on 25 October 2018 an investment agreement with the Biomed fund managed by Yigal Erlich, Adam Broncel, and Marcin Prusaczyk.

The new fund will have a total of PLN 71.6 mn at its disposal. Investments will concern innovative solutions in life science, with particular focus on medical equipment, digital medicine, biotechnologies, and new drugs.

Yigal Erlich – leader of Biomed Innovations – created the Yozma funds which initiated a dynamic growth of the VC industry in Israel in the 90s.

Apart from PFR Starter FIZ, the fund is co-invested by BSD Growth Fund PCC – a general European fund of funds investing in new technologies and life science.

For more information on the fund, visit: