The PFR KOFFI FIZ Fund is addressed to entities from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector at the stage of growth, development/ expansion.

The programme is dedicated to the SMEs looking for financing to implement innovative projects with a significant market/ growth potential, including innovations other than technological, e.g. organisational, managerial, marketing innovations or innovations related to entering a new market. There is no requirement of pursuing R&D activity.

The financing is granted by the Financial Intermediaries (VC funds) who, thanks to their experiences, competences and contacts provide the companies with the so-called smart money, greatly increasing their chances for a commercial success.

The indirect objective of the Fund is development of the venture capital fund market/ investment teams and increased activity of private investors within the scope of investments in SMEs.

Financing Model

Financing (capital and quasi-capital) via financial intermediaries in a proportion of 50% PFR KOFFI FIZ / 50% private funds

    Investment goals:

  • increased financing for innovative activity of SMEs

  • support for companies at the stage of growth, development / expansion

  • internationalisation of companies’ operation

  • development of venture capital funds, activation of private investors

Funds available

EUR 81 million (PLN 324 million)

Type of Fund

Fund of funds

Fund profile

Financing via financial intermediaries (VC funds) for innovative SMEs at the stage of growth / expansion, including related to non-technological innovations

Investment size

Average investment ticket of from PLN 1 to PLN 60 m (from EUR 0.25m to EUR 15m) 50% PFR KOFFI FIZ / 50% private funds

Investment period

Investments in VC funds 2017-2020

Investments in companies 2017-2023

Selection process

Open process of selecting investment companies, performed by PFR Ventures

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