PFR Open Innovation is dedicated to SME companies which implement technological projects under the open innovation formula. The capital raised by SMEs may be used for the purpose of, inter alia, obtaining certification of R&D results, building a demonstration version/prototype of the product, continuation of R&D works in order to implement them and acceleration of already completed/obtained R&D works.

Financing is provided through venture capital funds with participation of private investors (e.g. industry companies) who may validate the technology and, thanks to their experience, competences and contacts, provide the companies with the so-called smart money significantly increasing their chances for commercial success.

The indirect objective of the program is to develop the market of venture capital funds / investment teams and to increase the activity of private investors in the area of making investments in SMEs implementing technological projects.

Financing Model

Equity investments provided by VC funds (the fund model or the co-investment model along with private investors) in a proportion of 60% PFR Open Innovation FIZ / 40% of private contribution.

    Investment goals:

  • increase financing for innovative activities of SMEs

  • support the technology transfer to the economy

  • commercialization of R&D projects

  • increase the interest of private investors in innovative technological projects

  • promotion of technological cooperation between enterprises in the open innovation formula

Funds available

PLN 321 m

Type of Fund

Fund of funds

Fund profile

Equity investments through venture capital funds in SMEs implementing technological projects in the Open Innovation formula

Investment size

Average investment ticket in the company from 5 million PLN to 60 million PLN (up to 20% of the VC fund’s investment budget in a single company). In the proportion of 60%PFR Open Innovation / 40% private contribution

Investment period

Investments in VC funds 2018-2020
Investments in companies 2018-2023

Selection process

An open selection process of VC funds performed by PFR Ventures

Deadline for sending applications expired 30/4/2020 at 18:00

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