PFR Starter is addressed to innovative companies at their earliest stage of development (seed, start). Financing is granted by chosen financial intermediaries (venture capital funds) who, thanks to their experience, competences and contacts, provide the financed companies with the so-called smart money, significantly increasing their chances for commercial success.

    Investment goals:

  • increased financing for innovative operations of SMEs

  • support for companies at their earliest stage of development

  • internationalisation of companies’ operation

Funds available

PLN 593 m

Type of Fund

Fund of funds

Fund profile

Financing via financial intermediaries (VC funds) for innovative SMEs at the earliest stages of development (seed and start stage)

Investment size

First investment to PLN 2 m / PLN 4 m with follow-on (incl. private funds)
Max. 80% PFR Starter funds / min. 20% private funds

Investment period

Investments in VC funds 2017-2023

Investments in companies 2017-2023

Selection process

Open process of selecting investment companies, performed by PFR Ventures

PFR Starter - Presentations

Deadline for sending applications expired 28/9/2020 at 23:59

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